What's New With 3.0



CBWIRE-104: Add Inline Components ( NEW SYNTAX )

CBWIRE-109: Make components module-aware and allow components to be created within modules


CBWIRE-93: Remove cbValidation as a dependency of CBWIRE

CBWIRE-103: Increase component rendering performance by bypassing unnecessary ColdBox view caching and lookups

CBWIRE-105: Refactor core engine for better performance and easier maintenance

CBWIRE-106: Remove computedPropertiesProxy as it's no longer needed

CBWIRE-107: Replace calling computed properties in templates using #args.computed.[property]()# with #property()# instead.

CBWIRE-108: Replace calling data properties in templates using #args.[property]()# with #property# instead.

CBWIRE-110: Using new component format, validation references this.constraints. Change to just 'constraints'.

CBWIRE-113: Change incorrect emitTo( event, component ) signature to instead by emitTo( component, event )

Bug Fixes

CBWIRE-97: Empty string and null values are not being properly passed to Livewire

CBWIRE-100: Fix ability to locate Wires using full path such as appMapping.wires.SomeComponent

CBWIRE-102: Component actions that update data properties don't always update the DOM

CBWIRE-111: Calling .see() and .dontSee() in component tests doesn't return the test object for additional method chaining

CBWIRE-112: Overriding computed properties not working when writing component tests

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