What's New With 2.2



CBWIRE-99: Implement lifecycle hook onHydrate().

CBWIRE-100: Implement lifecycle hook onHydrate[Property]().

CBWIRE-103: Implement an automatic trim() for all data properties.

CBWIRE-124: Implement the ability to interact with CBWIRE component from JavaScript using cbwire.find( '#args._id#' ).

CBWIRE-125: Add configuration setting 'enableTurbo' to automatically include everything needed to work with Turbo for single page applications.

CBWIRE-130: Add ability to call reset() without passing a key to reset all data properties to their original values.


CBWIRE-93: Implement onMount() method instead of mount().

Bug Fixes

CBWIRE-121: DocBox generated docs are failing because of file structure.

CBWIRE-126: Listeners are being fired immediately when calling emit() when the listener is defined on the same component, which they shouldn't.

CBWIRE-127: onHydrate() is firing after actions are performed.

CBWIRE-129: Computed properties are not being rendered before actions are called.

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