Alpine JS brings simple client-side reactivity when you need it and integrates beautifully with CBWIRE.

Many page interactions don't warrant a full server roundtrip, such as toggling a modal or a hidden element. In these instances, we recommend using AlpineJS.

AlpineJS allows you to add JavaScript behavior directly into your markup in a declarative way. If you are familiar with VueJS, Alpine should feel similar.


    <script src="//" defer></script>
    <!-- The "defer" attribute is important to ensure Alpine waits for CBWIRE to load first. -->

For more installation information, visit Alpine Docs.


Below is an example of using AlpineJS to toggle a list on the page.

    <div x-data="{ open: false }">
        <button @click="open = true">Show More...</button>
        <ul x-show="open" @click.away="open = false">
            <li><button wire:click="archive">Archive</button></li>
            <li><button wire:click="delete">Delete</button></li>

Shared State

CBWIRE has a powerful entangle() method that allows you to "entangle" a CBWIRE and AlpineJS data property. With entanglement, both client-side and server-side properties are instantly synchronized, regardless of whether the value was changed in CFML or client-side using JavaScript.

You need CBWIRE v2.3.6 or greater to use entangle().

This provides data model binding both client-side and server-side.

Consider this simple Counter component:

<!--- ./wires/Counter.cfm --->
    data = {
        "counter": 0

    function increment() {
        data.counter += 1;

    <div x-data="{ counter: #entangle( 'counter' )# }">
        <div>CBWIRE value: #counter#</div>
        <div>AlpineJS value: <span x-html="counter"></span></div>
            type="button">Increment with CBWIRE</button>
            @click="counter += 1"
            type="button">Increment with AlpineJS</button>

We define an AlpineJS property named counter and then call the built-in CBWIRE method entangle(), passing it the name of the server-side data property we want to bind with.

<div x-data="{ counter: #entangle( 'counter' )# }">

Next, we are incrementing our Counter in two separate ways:

  • Incrementing the counter by calling the increment() action using CBWIRE

  • Incrementing the AlpineJS property counter in JavaScript, triggering an immediate update to the server and re-rendering of the component.

<button wire:click="increment" type="button">Increment with CBWIRE</button>
<button @click="counter += 1" type="button">Increment with AlpineJS</button>

Updating CBWIRE server-side on every AlpineJS property change is optional. You can also delay the server-side updates until the next CBWIRE request that goes out by chaining a .defer modifier like so.

<div x-data="{ counter: #entangle( 'counter' )#.defer }">

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