Getting Started

Every journey starts somewhere.


  • Adobe ColdFusion 2018+ or Lucee 5+

  • ColdBox 6+


Install CommandBox.

Within the root of your project, run:

box install cbwire@3

If you want the latest bleeding edge, run:

box install cbwire@be

Layout Setup

CBWIRE requires some lightweight CSS and JavaScript to be added to your ColdBox layout.

You can have CBWIRE do this for you by enabling the autoInjectAssets Configuration property in your config/ColdBox.cfc file.

// config/ColdBox.cfc
moduleSettings = {
    "cbwire" : {
        "autoInjectAssets": true

You can also manually add the references by calling wireStyles() and wireScripts() in your layout file.

<!--- ./layouts/Main.cfm --->
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
        <title>My Page</title>
        <!--- CBWIRE CSS --->
        <!--- CBWIRE JS --->

CBWIRE will not work if you do not add the wireStyles() and wireScripts() references to your layout or enable autoInjectAssets.

Next Steps

You are ready to go. Now head to the Making Components section to learn how to create and use CBWIRE components.

We also have numerous Examples you can review to get up and running quickly.

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