Poll for state changes based on a specified interval without page refreshes. Hot dog!
You can add a wire:poll directive to your elements to poll for changes using a set interval. The default interval is set to poll every 2 seconds.
<div wire:poll></div>
You can append a different interval time to your directive as well.
<div wire:poll.5s> <!-- poll every 5 seconds --> </div>
Polling for changes over AJAX can be a resonable alternative to strategies such as Pusher or WebSockets.

Method Invocation

If you would like to invoke a method during each poll interval, you can do so by specifying a method name.
<div wire:poll="refreshTasks"></div>
component extends="cbwire.models.Component" {
function refreshTasks() {}

Cancel Polling

If you want stop polling, you can simply no longer render the HTML element that has the wire:poll directive.
<cfif args.shouldPoll>
<div wire:poll="refreshTasks"></div>
<div><!-- No more polling --></div>