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What's New With 3.1



  • CBWIRE 81: Add configuration property to include CBWIRE styling and JavaScript assets automatically. Remove the need to add wireScripts() and wireStyles() to templateBugs
  • CBWIRE 116: Add onUpdate() and onUpdateProperty() lifecycle hooks
  • CBWIRE 117: Add the ability to refresh all child components from the parent component when an action is called
  • CBWIRE 118: Add the ability to call CBWIRE UDFs from the cbwire template as computed properties are too limiting.
  • CBWIRE 119: Single file components file names are not unique and could create conflicts in high-traffic applications
  • CBWIRE 120: Clear any compiled single file components on ColdBox fwreinit
  • CBWIRE 121: Add params arguments as a substitute for parameters argument when calling onMount
  • CBWIRE 123: Add 'cacheSingleFileComponents' setting to control if single file components are cached
  • CBWIRE 126: Cleanup unnecessary variables available to templates to avoid potential collisions
  • CBWIRE 127: Add the ability to call application helpers defined in ColdBox.cfc or any installed modules from CBWIRE templates.
  • CBWIRE 129: Add resetExcept()

Bug Fixes

  • CBWIRE 124: Fix child components not re-rendering properly on subsequent requests
  • CBWIRE 122: HTML comments in component templates cause re-renders not to work.