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Methods that are invoked based on user interactions.
Actions are methods on your component that either change the component's state ( Data Properties ) or perform some action needed ( such as updating your database ).
Here is a basic example of how to use it:
data = {
"currentTime" : now()
function updateTime() {
data.currentTime = now();
Current time: #currentTime#
<button wire:click="updateTime">Update</button>
Actions do not need to return any value. Return values are ignored.

Running Actions

CBWIRE listens for browser events and invokes actions using Directives. The directives follow the format: wire:[browser event]=[action].
Some examples of events you can listen for include:
Here are a few examples of each in HTML:
<button wire:click="doSomething">Do Something</button>
<input wire:keydown.enter="doSomething">
<form wire:submit.prevent="save">
You can listen for any browser events on elements by using the wire:[event] directive, where [event] is the event's name. For example, to listen for a "foo" event on a button element, you would use the following code:
<button wire:foo="someAction">
On some elements such as forms or links, you need to add a .prevent modifier to prevent the browser's default behavior. Otherwise, the browser will cause a page reload and you will get unintended results.
<a href="" wire:click.prevent="doSomething">Do Something</a>

Passing Parameters

You can pass parameters to your actions, such as here using actionName( params ).
<button wire:click="addTask('Some Task')">Add Task</button>
The parameter is then passed through to your Actions via function arguments.
// Action
function addTask( taskName ){
queryExecute( "
insert into tasks (
) values (
", { name = arguments.taskName } );

Magic Actions

There are a few magic actions already available to your components.
Will re-render the component without firing any action
$set( 'dataproperty', value )
Shortcut to update the value of a property
$toggle( 'dataproperty' )
Shortcut to toggle boolean properties off and on
Consider the example below.
data = {
"message": ""
function setMessageToHello() {
data.message = "Hello";
<button wire:click="$set( 'message', 'Hello' )">Say Hi</button>


Sometimes you may need to force your component to completely refresh in the DOM. This is particularly true when you have nested components.
<cfif showTeamForm>
#wire( "TeamForm" )#
<button wire:click="selectTeamForm">Show Team Form</button>
#wire( "UserForm" )#
To force a refresh, simply call refresh() from any action on your component.
data = {
"showTeamForm": false
function selectTeamForm() {
data.showTeamForm = true;
refresh(); // force a refresh