Loading States

Help website users during wait times using Loading States.

Actions may involve a long-running process (such as completing a cart checkout) and HTML may not re-render instantly. You can help your users during the wait using Loading States. Loading States allow you to show/hide elements, add/remove classes, or toggle HTML attributes until the server responds.

Loading States can make your apps feel much more responsive and user-friendly.

Toggling Elements

Let's look at an action that takes too long.

component extends="cbwire.models.Component"{

    function addTask(){
        sleep( 5000 ); // Optimize this code yo!


We can annotate our <div> with wire:loading to display Adding Task while the checkout action is running.

    <button wire:click="addTask">Add Task</button>

    <div wire:loading>
        Adding Task...

After the action completes, the Adding Task... output will disappear. 👋

Toggling Attributes

    <button wire:click="addTask" wire:loading.attr="disabled">
        Add Task

Targeting Specific Actions

You can target a specific action so that the element is only visible is a specific action is loading using wire:target.

    <button wire:click="addTask">Add Task</button>
    <div wire:loading wire:target="addTask">
       Adding task...


If you want to avoid flickering because loading is very fast, you can add a .delay modifier, and it will only show up if loading takes longer than 200ms.

<div wire:loading.delay>...</div>

If you wish, you can customize the delay duration with the following modifiers:

<div wire:loading.delay.shortest>...</div> <!-- 50ms -->
<div wire:loading.delay.shorter>...</div>  <!-- 100ms -->
<div wire:loading.delay.short>...</div>    <!-- 150ms -->
<div wire:loading.delay>...</div>          <!-- 200ms -->
<div wire:loading.delay.long>...</div>     <!-- 300ms -->
<div wire:loading.delay.longer>...</div>   <!-- 500ms -->
<div wire:loading.delay.longest>...</div>  <!-- 1000ms -->

Display Property

Loading State elements are set with a CSS property of display: inline-block; by default. You can override this behavior by using various directive modifiers.

<div wire:loading.flex>...</div>
<div wire:loading.grid>...</div>
<div wire:loading.inline>...</div>
<div wire:loading.table>...</div>


If you would like to display an element except during a loading state, you can apply the wire:loading.remove directive.

    <button wire:click="addTask">Add Task</button>

    <div wire:loading.remove>
        Click 'Add Task'

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