ContentBox CMS

You can use CBWIRE alongside ContentBox to build modernize, reactive applications with a powerful CMS included.

ContentBox is a professional open source hybrid modular CMS (Content Management System) that allows you to easily build websites, blogs, wikis, complex web applications and even power mobile or cloud applications. Built with a secure and flexible modular core, designed to scale, and combined with world-class support, ContentBox will get your projects out the door in no time.


You need to install CBWIRE version 2.3.3 or later in order to be able to use CBWIRE and ContentBox.

In the root of your ContentBox application, install CBWIRE using CommandBox. The example below installs the latest bleeding-edge version.

box install cbwire@be

Once installed, you will need to restart your app using ?fwreinit=[your secret key].

Ensure that CBWIRE is installed under /modules/cbwire from the root of your project. It should be installed there by default. Installing CBWIRE elsewhere can cause errors within a ContentBox application.

Theme Integration

You will need to use a custom theme in order to integrate with CBWIRE.

If you are wanting to use a theme that is included with ContentBox or one that you've pulled down from ForgeBox, you can copy the theme code over to the folder modules_app/contentbox-custom/_themes.

Once CBWIRE is installed, you should have access to the three core included methods and should be able to reference these within your layout and theme templates.

  • wireStyles() - Pulls in required styling for CBWIRE

  • wireScripts() - Pulls in required JavaScript assets for CBWIRE/Livewire

  • wires() - Includes a Wire (reactive UI element) you create

In your theme layout, you need to place wireStyles() within your <head> tags, wireScripts() before the end of </body>, and you can call wire() to include your reactive UI Wires where needed.

<!--- modules_app/contentbox-custom/_themes/cbwireTheme/layouts/blog.cfm --->
<!--- Global Layout Arguments --->
<cfparam name="args.print" default="false">
<cfparam name="args.sidebar" default="true">

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
	<!--- Page Includes --->
	#cb.quickView( "_blogIncludes" )#

	<!--- ContentBoxEvent --->
	#cb.event( "cbui_beforeHeadEnd" )#

	<!--- ContentBoxEvent --->
	#cb.event( "cbui_afterBodyStart" )#

	<!--- Header --->
	#cb.quickView( '_header' )#

	<!--- ContentBoxEvent --->
	#cb.event( "cbui_beforeContent" )#

	<!--- Main View --->
	#cb.mainView( args=args )#
	#wire( "NewsletterSignup", {
		validate: true
	} )#

	<!--- ContentBoxEvent --->
	#cb.event( "cbui_afterContent" )#

	#cb.quickView( view='_footer' )#

	<!--- ContentBoxEvent --->
	#cb.event( "cbui_beforeBodyEnd" )#


You can also reference the wire() method within your views.

<!--- modules_app/contentbox-custom/_themes/cbwireTheme/views/index.cfm --->
<div class="row">
    <div class="col-12">
        #wire( "ContactForm" )#

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