You can redirect users in your Actions similar to how you would in ColdBox using relocate.
component extends="cbwire.models.Component"{
function someAction(){
return relocate( URL="" );
CBWIRE uses ColdBox's internal relocate() method, so any of the arguments that ColdBox accepts can be used.
* Relocate user browser requests to other events, URLs, or URIs.
* @event The name of the event to run, if not passed, then it will use the default event found in your configuration file
* @URL The full URL you would like to relocate to instead of an event: ex: URL=''
* @URI The relative URI you would like to relocate to instead of an event: ex: URI='/mypath/awesome/here'
* @queryString The query string or struct to append, if needed. If in SES mode it will be translated to convention name value pairs
* @persist What request collection keys to persist in flash ram
* @persistStruct A structure key-value pairs to persist in flash ram
* @addToken Wether to add the tokens or not. Default is false
* @ssl Whether to relocate in SSL or not
* @baseURL Use this baseURL instead of the index.cfm that is used by default. You can use this for ssl or any full base url you would like to use. Ex:
* @postProcessExempt Do not fire the postProcess interceptors
* @statusCode The status code to use in the relocation
void function relocate(
struct persistStruct,
boolean addToken,
boolean ssl,
boolean postProcessExempt,
numeric statusCode
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